COVID-19 Update [18/03/2020]

COVID-19 Update [18/03/2020]

This is an unprecedented and worrying time for everyone, including those working within the creative & music industries. Whilst we understand the severity of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, our aim is to continue providing great music to our media partners and representing our clients from around the world to the highest standard with minimal disruption.

By and large, it’s business as usual for us here at Skinny Music. However, in line with UK Government guidance we will be implementing the following policies as of 19/03/2020:

– Skinny Music staff, freelancers and partners will be working remotely and all in-house meetings will be temporarily suspended until 1st April 2020. Our experience of remote working and investment in the tools to implement this means we don’t anticipate any impact on our services or communications with clients

– Third party meetings and pitching appointments will be moved to digital channels where possible / where requested by members of the media

– Live performances and pre-booked media opportunities will be subject to review and may be postponed at the discretion of Skinny Music / our artists / members of the media

– Further contingency plans will be put in place as and when required to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing / future campaigns and protect our staff, freelancers, clients and partners

As this is an ongoing situation we will continue to review our policies in line with Government guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions during this time please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

We wish everyone the best during this difficult and uncertain time – and no matter what – we will be here to continue bringing great new music to the masses.

Take care,

The Skinny Music Team